MOTOZOOP ® Car Premium Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Inbuild Tissue

MOTOZOOP ® Car Premium Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Inbuild Tissue

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Product Description

  • ✔ 2-IN-1 NECK PILLOW/TISSUES HOLDER : Driving all day in the car really does a number on your NECK…but it doesn’t have to! Slip this Neck Pillow on any seat - even larger ones - for a perfect fit & instant, ergonomic positioning and posture correction.
  • ✔ NECK POSTURE THERAPY & PAIN RELIEF: Smaller NECK PILLOW can be great - but if you have upper NECK and/or shoulder pain, they don’t have much to offer you. This Neck Pillow covers your whole Neck, from your Neck to your lower Neck, for healthy, whole-Neck posture correction. Your lower back/Neck gets the love and supports it needs - without neglecting your shoulders and upper back.
  • ✔ STRESS-FREE -VERSATILE USE: Sure, you can stuff regular Neck Pillow & then spend your day re-fluffing them when they go flat, readjusting them when they slip & picking them up when they fall. With this Neck Pillow, you just set it and forget it. It’s designed to perfectly fit standard chairs & car seats to attach to numbers of seats easily; Ideal Neck support for office chairs, cars, trains and plane seats, wheelchair or any chair at home
  • ✔ERGONOMIC MEMORY FOAM SO STAY COOL & COMFORTABLE: High-density & high resilience memory foam Neck Pillow in ergonomic shape,Sufficiently alleviates the pain of Neck area ,Most memory foam Neck Pillow are notorious for retaining heat & making you sweat.Motozoop Neck Pillow comes with a soft, attractive, breathable mesh cover to allow airflow and help wick away your body heat - so your back stays dry and comfortable, even after long periods of Drive/Use.
  • ✔ MOTOZOOP QUALITY- BREATHABLE HYPOALLERGENIC & 100% GUARANTEE: We love and trust our Motozoop Neck Pillow & Tissue Holder we know you will too. It keeps your back fresh and dry for the best comfort; Removable and for easy cleaning and freshness.

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